1. The Last of a Proud and Noble Race.


  2. Sorry for taking over two weeks to update.  I was visiting my family and unfortunately a chance to post work didn’t shake out.


  3. Chumps can’t compete!


  4. My little Dark God.

    All hail the Lunar Republic!


  5. I imagine a lot of people are going to not get this strip. This is just a giant reference cartoon. If you are not familiar with the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, which finished running nearly twenty years ago this is going to make zero sense. If you haven’t heard of it go check it out it. It is one of the all time classics of the comics industry and well worth the read.

    Normally I try and deliver some sort of joke or gag, but the purpose of this strip is simply weirdness for the sake of weirdness. Inspired by the World Cup I wanted to portray a nonsense sport of Calvinball as some big money professional sport with all the trappings: large crowds, advertisements, mangers, referees, ceremonies, prizes, superfluous beautiful women etc. I’m not sure it works, but what the heck. Sometimes you just have to experiment.


  6. The People’s Bake Sale.



  8. Lines be damned.


  9. It should be noted most of those women don’t want Mr. Rex because of his crazy mad muscles. They want him because he’s a dinosaur. A REAL dinosaur. Screw you Barney! Worthless poser.

    Oh yeah check out my comic book at: http://tapastic.com/episode/45727 It is just as awesome as a trex’s biceps.


  10. You hear that chicken? You can’t make me feel guilty!

    Your revenge shall be my hardened arteries but I will not repent.


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