1. As a cartoonist you have moments where after you’ve completed a joke you’ll pause and wonder hmm… someone else must have thought of this joke. This is indeed the case with this cartoon just google the “flying elephant” and “cartoon” and you’ll find a similar cartoon by Scott Hilburn of Argyle Sweater. So why post the cartoon? The English speaking world consists of over a billion or so individuals there are tens of thousands of cartoonists so I politely don’t give a flip if someone else created a cartoon about the same thing.

    In humor terms this is a joke anyone can come up with. I don’t know if joke writing for cartoons has any formal terminology but this is what I call a “one step substitution.” Take an idea, change a word, boom cartoon. All it takes is the ability to make one association.

    Honestly the first time this was uttered was probably when some after having worked on the film, or just watched it in the theater walked back to their car and found a bird splat on their windshield. The probably paused for a moment and thought to themselves. Hey at least it wasn’t Dumbo.

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